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     An artist must write their own bio in the third person, and Cassandra Harner is already familiar with thinking of herself in this way, performing as alter-egos in music, drag, and comedy. She is a draglesque performer named Dusty Bucket, and a self-absorbed piece of video-art-work, Kay-T Critiques.She's an illustrator of comics and pastel portraits of Hairy Queers. She spearheads a project called Drag News Ohio. She’s eager to do your emotional labor. Her mom says she’d make a great therapist. 

      In the pastiche of Cassandra’s artistic practice, nothing is as fulfilling to her as when her work makes people laugh. Art shouldn’t always be gravely nodded at from a safe distance. Not all art observes somebody’s cathartic depiction of their personal suffering or some relevant global tragedy. It may be true that she doesn’t make art about suffering because she comes from a privileged, sheltered background, but she makes up for this lack of deep human experience with jokes, wig reveals, and not wearing a bra ever. Through all this, she believes she has something good to offer the world.

charnerart@gmail.com | Tel: 765-418-3988

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