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     Cassandra Harner is already familiar with thinking of herself in the third person, performing as alter-egos in music, drag, and theater. She is a draglesque performer named Dusty Bucket, and a self-absorbed piece of artwork, Kay-T Critiques. She is a video artist and editor. She's an illustrator and instructor of comics and pastel portraits. She has led classes in drag, video art, and drawing.

She is queer. Or, they are queer. Both and neither are correct.

     In the pastiche of Cassandra’s artistic practice, there are two main pillars holding it aloft: camp and fashion. If her audience is laughing, shocked, or bewildered, then she is fulfilled. Art isn't limited to solemn stares, white walls, and quiet contemplation. Being "serious" isn't the only way to make thoughtful and legitimate work, and she subverts the expectations of audiences and thrives on their reactions. Her performances adapt to the nightclub, the art gallery, or the theater (or the storefront window, the warehouse, the shipping container, or the video stream).

     She may have more to reveal than just a wig underneath another wig underneath another wig. 

Cassandra has her BFA in Digital Art from Indiana University, and a BA in East Asian Studies with a minor in Linguistics, but those only come in handy every so often. She lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.


graphic design | video | events | illustration | social media


resume available upon request

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